DynaFlex Inc. is the system integrator with variety of technologies including security and networking, developing the application programs for remote surveillance, optimal contents selection system for Intel® AIM Suite to measure the digital signage audiences and others. DynaFlex sells arresters to protect electronic equipments from lightening as well.  Basic corporate concept is to contribute to the society by the advanced technologies. We will aggressively provide it with state-of-art products and systems quickly.
  Intel AIM Suite Intel AIM Suite
  Audience measurement tool called "Intel® AIM Suite" to measure the demographic data including gender & age bracket segmentation based upon Anonymous Video Analysis =AVA technology.
“Intel® AIM Suite”
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Remote Surveillance
  Intel AIM Suiteの紹介  
  Intel® AIM Suite is based face detection technology and No image/no videos are recorded. It is designed to completely respect privacy. No personally identifiable information is collected.  

Intel® AIM Suite measures Return on Objectives (ROO), and Return on Investment(ROI) for marketing campaign. Then it transforms digital signage to smart signage. Anonymous Video Analysis(AVA)- face detection technology(no images or video recorded)
  • Viewer Counts, Viewing Time, Demographics
  • Enable real-time content triggering
  • Viewership patterns by time of day
  • Advertising campaign

     DynaFlex's goal is to broaden the market for DVR to a various fields in addition to the crime prevention. One significant example of DVR's versatility is provided by its use in a monitoring system for a hot-mill process at New Steel Corporation(NSC). NSC is using the DVR system at numerous factories throughout Japan.


    Molybdenum Arrester


     DynaFlex has been selling Molybdenum Arresters from the company called “Vector Co. Ltd.”since 2003. This excellent product is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits against transient high voltage caused by lightening.

      Video: Anonymous Video Analytics in Digital Signage Discover how anonymous video analytics technology is being used in the retail industry to adapt digital signage advertising contents in real time based on the demographics of the viewer.  
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